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The Historic writing of a new Torah scroll to unite the Jews of Lithuania was started at the Vilna Choral Synagogue.

The new Torah is being written in memory of Jews with roots in Vilna and Lithuania, as well as in memory of the Jews from this country who perished in the Holocaust. 


Our sages teach that each and every Jew has a letter in the Torah corresponding to his or her soul and spiritual identity.

Writing a new Torah scroll joins together all those who participate in its creation, and connects them with the Creator.

Rabbi Sholom Ber Krinsky, the initiator of this project, said:

"Our strength as a nation is our ability to focus on that which unites us. This new Torah scroll will help unite Jews with roots in Lithuania from around the world.

May the Almighty bestow abundant material and spiritual blessings to all those who partner in its writing."


This project is joined by the following communities in Lithuania:

Lithuanian Jewish (Litvak) Community

Jewish Religious Community of Vilnius

Jewish Community of Kaunas

Jewish Community of Klaipeda

Jewish Religious Community of Klaipeda

Jewish Community of Siauliai County

Jewish Community of Panevezys

Jewish Community of Svencionis County

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